Google Terms of Service Update

Google Terms of Service Update will affect from March 31, 2020. However, this is a routine update and contains few changes in Google services. This update will affect all Google account holders and other users as well.

In addition, Google has started to give warning to Google Chrome and Google Search users regarding this forthcoming update in its Terms of Service.

update warning

Below is given a short detail of all the major updates Google will apply from March 31, 2020.

Chrome, Chrome OS and G Drive Added to the Google Terms of Service Update

Google now includes Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive in the new Terms of Service. According to this change Google will include such users in new Terms of Service as are using these services without a Google account. Therefore, this will stop Non-Google account users from accessing some privacy related settings and other user data options. New changes have nothing to do with how user’s information is treated by using these services in Terms of Service Update.

Improved Readability & Better Communication

Google has now made its Terms easier and understandable by using easy legal terms and including links to useful information and definitions. Moreover, Adding and removing features and changes like those that stop a user to get access to certain features are included now.

No changes to Privacy Policy in Update

These updates do not affect Google Privacy Policy. The way Google treats user information is the same.


In conclusion, Google Terms of Service Update March 31, 2020 includes Chrome, Chrome OS and Drive. It claims to offer improvements in Readability and Communication in its Terms of Service Update. But it is worth mentioning that Google is not changing its Privacy Policy.

Moreover, Anyone who does not accept the update is clearly warned as, “remove your content and stop using the services”.

A detailed description of changes is available in the Updated Version of Google Terms of Service.

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