5 Books Recommended by Bill Gates

On this hard time of lock-down and anxiety, people are losing heart due to their day by day weakening income resources and worsening economical conditions. As this is a time to keep the nerves strong to fight the pandemic, people spend a lot of their time reading books or watchingContinue Reading

apple arm devices

Apple is believed to plan its own custom designed ARM based processors for its upcoming models of MacBook, Mac and iMac in 2021-22. The Cupertino tech giant wants Mac to be more innovative than PC in terms of hardware which will also reduce processor costs more than 50%. It willContinue Reading

Google Marketplace

Google Sheets is a free online Spreadsheet program by Google. It is available as a web application and mobile app for almost all operating systems. In this article we are sharing the few best google sheets add-ons to further increase the capability of the application. How to add the GoogleContinue Reading

Google Terms of Service Update

Google Terms of Service Update will affect from March 31, 2020. However, this is a routine update and contains few changes in Google services. This update will affect all Google account holders and other users as well. In addition, Google has started to give warning to Google Chrome and GoogleContinue Reading

Computer Programming

This is an introduction to Computer Programming, the process of making programs for accomplishing desired computing results. We will discuss how Computer Scientists created languages to translate their instructions into a form which computers can understand. We call these LANGUAGES because they have their own syntax and semantics. These languagesContinue Reading