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Google Sheets is a free online Spreadsheet program by Google. It is available as a web application and mobile app for almost all operating systems. In this article we are sharing the few best google sheets add-ons to further increase the capability of the application.

How to add the Google Sheets Add-ons

Follow the below mentioned ‘How to add’ guide to get you started with the installation.

Google Sheets Add ons Menu
Google Sheets Add ons Menu

To add new add-ons, open Google Sheets, in the Add-ons menu select the option Get Add-ons. It opens the G Suite Marketplace.

Now, Search and select your required add-ons and click install. It will require permission to get access and use your google account’s some information. Click Allow in this message window and your good to go.

Google Account Permission
Google Account Permission Screen

Here are a few most used and liked add-ons for Google Sheets. It will give you a helping hand with your data manipulations.

Power Tools

A powerful and must have set of tools that enhances the capability of Google Sheets and saves you a lot of time doing day to day simple tasks. It includes Merge and Combine Cells, Rows, Columns and Sheets, Remove or Highlight Duplicates, Remove Unwanted Data, Split Cells, Randomize to name a few.

Table Styles

If you want to format your tables in a uniform way and save the formats for later use, you must give Table Styles a try. Choose from 24 pre-built styles or make your own. Table Styles will make your tables achieve a clean and professional look.

Lucidcharts Diagrams

This add-on for Sheets provides visual productivity by adding flowcharts, diagrams, wireframes, mind maps and mockups. Apart from being a complete GSuite solution Lucidcharts Diagrams integrates well with Microsoft Office Suite of products as well.

This add-on is available for Google Docs and Slides as well.

QR Code Generator

Generate multiple QR Codes from data in Google Sheets and save the output in Google Drive in PNG format. This add-on is very useful for organizations to print separate QR Codes for online Mobile Attendance or printing of employee’s or Students’ ID cards.

Google Analytics

A powerful tool combined with Google Sheets gives you calculations, visualizations and other useful features to give you precise data which you can easily store or share with others.

So, this was my collection of most useful and best Google Sheets Add-ons if you know others please share in comments below.

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