apple arm devices

Apple is believed to plan its own custom designed ARM based processors for its upcoming models of MacBook, Mac and iMac in 2021-22. The Cupertino tech giant wants Mac to be more innovative than PC in terms of hardware which will also reduce processor costs more than 50%. It will also make Apple more comfortable in updating Macs without waiting for Intel’s processor roadmap. Moreover, these ARM based Macs would be equipped with USB 4 (based on the Thunderbolt 3 protocol specification) with 40 Gbit/s throughput support. This would be twice as fast as the latest USB 3.2.

apple devices

Some models of MacBooks, may be updated with a scissor keyboard, are expected to launch in first quarter of 2021 or even before that. Whereas, iMac is expecting an update this year, of course without ARM processor. A major redesign can only be seen not before 2021.

Apple’s Acquisition of Intel Mobile Communication

Both companies last year in July 2019 have also agreed upon Apple’s acquisition of Intel Mobile Communication, Intel’s smartphone modem business, for US$ 1 billion.

New Hardware


It is also speculated that along with a major update of iPhone SE, iPhone 12, iOS & iPadOS 14, Apple Watch, Apple TV,  and Apple Car, the Cupertino tech company is also developing Virtual / Augmented Reality Headsets and glasses which will see the light of day in 2022.

New Stores

keeping in mind demand from India Tim Cook recently announced that Apple will launch an online store by the end of the year followed by a physical outlet, first ever in India, in 2021.


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